The Team

Andrea Newman
Since graduating from London College of Communication Andrea has gained 20+ years experience of creating and delivering design work for use through print, digital (website & apps).

Andrea's created the companies entire creative library (hand-drawn in some cases) assets used throughout the company.

Andrea's hands on approach taking her artwork elements, creating the storyboard through to building deployment of the mobile focused web page optimises consumer engagement in our service and optimising return for all stakeholders involved with today's consumer engaging through the small real estate of a mobile phone screen.

Owning all the elements (vision, brand, creative and technical) in house allows us to clone products, business models at a speed and efficiency that's hard to match and provides margin for commercial parties. Andrea also overseas all operational matters in delivery of our service.

Awesome! is Andrea's sole Business interest and she works in the company daily.

Further information on Andrea including her passion for cooking, cocktails and Man City is available at đź”—
Christian Newman
Christian has been creating and delivering product driven micro-brands successfully for over 20 years.

Christian has absolute ownership of all company commercial and technical workflows allowing the company to weave the 10 intricate strands of value into the services it delivers which channels the value in order to return the requirements of today's challenging media market.

Christian crafted and built Mimram (named after the river running past the office) the propriety platform that stands strong behind Awesome! and driving all areas of the company's operations.

Christian also overseas development and implementation of the technical matters in the smooth delivery of our service.

Awesome! is Christian's sole Business and he works in the company daily.

Further information on Christian including his passion for football, marathons and cars is available at đź”—
Tax Statement:
Both the founders are tax domiciled in UK and pay tax and have no offshore assets or holdings outside of the UK.